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Countering Terrorist and Criminal Financing

Edited by: Scott N. Romaniuk, Christian Kaunert, Amparo Pamela H. Fabe

ISBN13: 9781032366616
To be Published: November 2022
Publisher: CRC Press Inc
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Paperback
Price: £64.99

Countering Terrorist and Criminal Financing provides an up-to-date overview and critical analysis of terrorism financing, focusing on tactic and practical measures directed at preventing money laundering and countering the flow of terrorism funding. In doing so, the book details some of the major doctrine, outlining policies of states and key regional and global partnerships in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Chapters bring together a diverse range of expert scholars and practitioners who specialize in theoretical principles, utilizing empirical research, and an analysis of the cross-national networks and cross-group collaborations that underpins the illicit activities that fund such groups. The book serves as the most current and comprehensive resource in the area of countering the financing of terrorism and organized crime—incorporating regional, and group-specific approaches, challenges, and consequences. This focus encompasses legal measures, social policies, and military operations and security force responses by states and non-state actors to assemble the most up-to-date counter-terrorist financing information into a single volume.

Criminal Law, Banking and Finance
Introduction: Challenges and Opportunities in Countering Terrorist Financing
Amparo Pamela H Fabe, Scott N Romaniuk, and Christian Kaunert
PART I – Critical Issues in Countering Terrorist and Criminal Financing
1. Actors and Agents Countering Terrorist and Criminal Financing
Scott N Romaniu and Atrayee Saha
2. Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Terrorist Financing from an IR, Criminology, and Compliance Perspective: A Theoretical Marriage of Convenience
Maria Nizzero
3. FATF Recommendations and the Development of International Standards on Terrorist Financing
Fabrizio Costantino
4. The United Nations Regime against the Financing of Terrorism
Joshua Oreoluwa Akintayo, Emeka Thaddues Njoku, and Scott N Romaniuk
5. Revisiting a Marriage of Convenience: Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism
Tracey Durner and Danielle Cotter
6. Banks, Bucks, and Bombs: Financial Institutions Efforts to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Maria Nizzero
7. Deadly Aid: Charities, Non-Profit Organizations, and the Financing of Terrorism
Kingsley E Ezemenaka
8. Social Media and Terrorist Financing
Gordon R Alley-Young
9. Social Media "Intelligence" to Combat "Terrorist" Support: Present Orthodoxy Surviving Social Media Reality in the Era of "Black Lives Matter", Covid-19, 5G, and Antivax
Victoria (Williams) McCloud
10. Drug Trafficking and Terrorism Financing: A Transnational Synthesis
Fiamma Terenghi
11. White Collar Crime and Terrorism: Examining the Links and Challenges
Erika Grieco
12. Funding Terrorist Groups and Activities through Kidnapping and Human Trafficking: Prevention and Response
Yvonne M Dutton
13. Terrorism and Human Capital: Boko Haram’s Exploitation of Women to Support and Finance its Criminal Operations
Sarbjeet Kaur and Benjamin Thomas Greer
14. Trafficking Illicit Antiquities and Terrorism Financing
Nail Elhan
15. Financing Terror: Trade in Counterfeit Products
Gabriele Baratto
16. The Limits of the Law and Legal Frameworks for Preventing and Countering the Flow of Terrorist Funds
Kimeu W Boynton and Anwar Ouassini
17. The Cyber Dimension of Terrorism Financing
Anwar Ouassini and Nabil Ouassini
18. New Dimensions of Terrorism Financing: Evaluating Risks, Types, and Precautions
Filiz Katman
PART II – State and Group Cases in Countering Terrorism Financing - North, Central, and South America
19. Some Past Successes, Yet Many Remaining Challenges: The United States and the War on Terrorist Financing
William A Taylor
20. Chasing "Dirty Money": Canada’s Efforts to Disrupt Money Laundering in the Casinos, Real Estate and Horse-Racing Sectors
Scott N Romaniuk and Amparo Pamela H Fabe
21. Countering Terrorists’ Sources of Funding in the Caribbean
Wendell C Wallace and Ayinka Nurse-Carrington
22. Assessing Efforts to Disrupt and Manage Criminal and Terrorist Financing in South America
Pascal Carlucci
23. Brazil’s Commitment to Fighting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: An Analysis of its Financial Activities Control Council and National Strategy to Fight Corruption and Money Laundering
Victor Mende and Lara Góes
State Intelligence or Stash Intelligence? Tracing Terrorism Financing in Colombia after FARC-EP Demobilisation
César Niño and Mauricio Palma-Gutiérrez
PART III: State and Group Cases in Countering Terrorism Financing – Europe
25. Post-9/11 EU Anti-Terrorism Financing Measures
Oldřich Bureš
26. Building an EU Homeland Security: Examining the Potential of EBCGA and EPPO Co-Operations in Countering Terrorist and Criminal Financing
Kamila Zarychta and Maciej Szostak
27. Creating Captain Europe: Defining Innovative Skills Necessary for Modern Border Intelligence and Investigation, and Tackling Hybrid Threats
Kamila Zarychta, Piotr Boćko, and Maciej Szostak
28. Counter-Terrorism Financing Activities Introduced by the Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
Michał Matyasik
29. UK Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Measures
Joshua Skoczylis, Georgie Horner, and Abraham Jatto
30. Examining the Efficacy of France’s Counter-Terrorist Financing Approaches
Richard McNeil-Willson and Scott N Romaniuk
31. A Critical Analysis of Russia’s Counter-Terrorist Financing Strategies
Réjeanne Marie Lacroix
PART IV: State and Group Cases in Countering Terrorism Financing - The Middle East and Africa
32. Post-Arab Spring Counter-Terrorist Financing Policies and Practice
Renny Rueda Castañeda
33. Cutting Terrorist Monetary Flows in Tunisia
Ewa Szczepankiewicz-Rudzka
34. Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Counter-Terrorism Financing Policy in Algeria
Ewa Szczepankiewicz-Rudzka
35. Morocco’s Efforts Against Terrorism Financing
Ewa Szczepankiewicz-Rudzka
36. Financing the Islamic State
Tamer Kaşıkcı
37. Combatting the Financing of Terrorism in Saudi Arabia: Legal Reforms and Future Challenges
Anwar Ouassini, Nabil Ouassini and Mostafa Amini
38. Egypt’s Fight against Terrorist Funding
Bassant Hassib
39. Countering Terrorism Financing in Turkey: Opportunities and Challenges Ahead
Filiz Katman
40. Countering Terrorist Financing: Turkey’s Economic Battle against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)
Sertaç Canalp Korkmaz and Kaan Namli
41. Al Shabaab and the Disruption of Terrorist Financing
Fathima Azmiya Badurdeen
V: State and Group Cases in Countering Terrorism Financing - Asia and the Asia-Pacific Regions
42. Fake Indian Currency Notes: Counterfeit Currency, Criminal Cartel and Terror Financing in India and South Asia
Animesh Roul
43. The Roles of Central Asian States in (Anti-)Money Laundering and (Countering-)Terrorist Financing
Yrys Abdiev and Scott N Romaniuk
44. A Critical Assessment of Pakistan’s Counter-Terror and Terrorism Financing Measures
Mariam Shah and Salman Javed
45. Feeding the Criminal-Terror Nexus: The Role of Pakistan’s Unregulated Economy
Debasish Nandy
46. Bangladesh’s Counter-Terror Financing Measures Under the Sheikh Hasina Regime
Scott N Romaniuk and Md. Shariful Islam
47. Hawala and Terror Financing in the Indian Subcontinent
Animesh Roul
48. ASEAN Countering Terrorist Financing
Aries A Arugay and Justin Keith A Baquisal
49. Birds of a Feather Fight Terror Together: How ASEAN Countries Tackle Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism Challenges
Amparo Pamela H Fabe and Scott N Romaniuk
50. Countering Terrorist Financing in Indonesia
Sylvia Laksmi
51. The Tree of Violence: Exposing the Root Dynamics of Terrorism Financing Beneath the Marawi Siege’
Joan Andrea Toledo, National Police College Philippines, Philippines
52. Method to the Madness: When Terrorism Exploits Human Trafficking, Drug Smuggling and Weapons Smuggling for Financial Purposes
Amparo Pamela H Fabe and Scott N Romaniuk
53. Australia’s Post-9/11 Anti-Terrorism Policies and Approaches
Amparo Pamela H Fabe and Scott N Romaniuk